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Specialized Technical Assistance

I work with programs during their best of times and their most vulnerable times.


I assist them in defining their most difficult barriers and in developing long-lasting strategies for optimal outcomes along with building on strengths to soar. 


I work with programs funded for under 50 slots to those funded for hundreds of slots. 


I believe this wide-ranging experience gives me an advantage in collaborating with programs to meet their needs through technical assistance.


Do you have a goal/project you’re trying to achieve and need a helping hand due to the high demands of your position along with the ever-changing needs of your program and community?   


Look over the list and let me know how I can be of assistance by contacting me for a consult.  

  • Annual Report

  • Change in Scope Applications- Enrollment Conversions and/or  Reductions

  • Community Assessment

  • Community Partnerships

  • Cost Allocation Plan

  • Data Management

  • Director Support

  • Disability Services

  • Education Services

  • EHS-CC Partnerships

  • EHS/HS Orientation

  • Family Services

  • Federal Review Preparation

  • Fiscal Management

  • Grant Readiness 

  • Health Services

  • Home-Based Services

  • Safe Environments

  • Management Support 

  • Nutrition Services

  • Ongoing Monitoring

  • Organizational Structure Analysis to Improve Recruitment and Retention.

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Program Design and Management

  • Self-Assessment

  • Services to Pregnant Women

  • Start-Up Planner/Implementation

  • Transition Services

  • T/TA Plans

  • Underenrollment Plan

  • Wage Comparability Study

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