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Director and Management Support

Directors need support too!

The role of a director is demanding and complex. Many times, directors feel isolated by the responsibilities and challenges of running a program.   Heart Consulting is able to support the role of directors by lending a helping hand with individualized one-on-one mentoring.  Directors are able to speak confidently about needs of the program, remove barriers to success, strengthen systems, empower, and motivate- to name a few!  The support is grounded in an in-depth knowledge of regulations and hands-on experience.  Reduce stress and maximize resources by choosing one-on-one flexible director support! 

Champion management staff to a spirit of excellence through mentoring and support!

Due to increasing changes and demands on management staff, support is needed more than ever!  Make an impact in your program by investing in your leaders through utilizing individualized support with a positive approach!'

This assistance is for new and experienced coordinators, managers, and site leaders. 

  • Types of focus areas for support include but not limited to:

  • Increase Knowledge of Assigned Areas

  • Build Goals for Assigned Areas

  • Prioritizing Projects and Tasks

  • Policies and Procedures Analysis

  • Tracking Tools

  • Form Revisions

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Building

  • Increasing Morale

  • Problem Solving

  • Eliminating Barriers for Success


Services are individualized, flexible, and completed one-on-one through tele-meetings.  The program drives the process, frequency, and focus area topics.  How can I support the program?  Contact me today for a consult. 

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